Metal Aluminum Steel Brass Copper Iron Chrome Moly Roof Shingle Membrane Cleat Curb Adapter Adapter Flashing Coping Gutter Downspout Extender Counter Fascia Drip Edge Through Wall Scupper Head Box Pan Ladder Rack Parapet Edging Wire Bracket Galvanized System Clip Punch Drill Notch Weld Welder Welding Fabricate Fabrication Bender Folder Shear Sheet Roll Form Forming Page Calculate Calculator Computer CNC Splice Plate Tread Radius Diameter Pitch Pocket Leader Grill Perforated Bird Screen Back Gauge Left Right Bolt Tap Tapping Screw Screwing Screwed Surface Mount Mounting Receiver Receive Pipe Duct Air Condition Conditioning Jacket Liner Lined Custom Kind Publish Make Cover Cap Lift Lifting Beam Angle Channel Gravel Stop J Base HVAC Heat Heater Heating Heated Torch Torched Torching Plasma Cutter Saw Sawing Cut Cutting Tappit Elbow Transition Throat Heal Straight Take Off Unit Drawing Inside Outside Middle Miter Tapered Bead Beader Notch Notcher Notched Tied Cheek Notches Program Programmable Programmed Seal Sealant View Slip Drive Driving Tool Rivet Rivets Norlock Button Punch Press Snap Lock Pittsburgh Scan Send Boot Card Reaming Reamer Ream Drill Drilling Drilled Punched Punching Skid Fork Lift Manufacturing Manufacture Make Making Tig Stick Mig Braze Brazing Brazed Welded Welding Ohio Central Marion Columbus North Farm Farming Build Building Built End Ending Capping Concealed Chair Seamer Seam Seamed Continuous Square To Round Transitions Transition Business Floor Computer Control Paper Stained Stainless Corner Tub Tube Tubing Extruded Extrusion Duct Mate Ward Soffit Offset 45 Deg Degree Ledge Reglet Riglet Flow Flowing Drafting CAD Apron Hydraulic Expand Expanded Expander Panduit Assembly Assembled Gap Hem Hemmed Hemming Sloped Break Brake Braked Braking Vented Vent Venting Hat Lock Locking Quality Quantity Conductor Railing Rail Guard Hand Step Stepping Stepped Zee Base Table Snip Snips Snipped Deck Decking Decked Rat Aligned Bored Built Time Management Valley Profile Dimension Dimensioned Plotter Plotted Plot Print Printer Printed Strap Strapped Strapping Miller Lincoln Hyper Therm Yale Hyster Thermal Arc Wiss Midwest Die Finish Polished Polish Color Painted Black Metallic Inch Inches Measure Measured Measurement Made America American Hammer Hammer Annealed DMI Peterson Ryerson Atas Firestone Standing Roper Whitney RAS Chicago Dries Krump Ellis Capabilities
R & J Contracting
 Phone/Fax: 419-845-2129


Capabilities and Equipment
Plasma Table: Vulcan 2900 PPI retrofit
*HVAC software (PractiCam)
*Mild Steel- 26 Gauge to 1/4"
*Stainless- 26 Gauge to 1/4"
*Aluminum- 26 Gauge to 1/4"
10' CNC Folder: Roper Whitney Autobrake 2000
*Bending Capabilities- 26 Gauge to 14 Gauge
*Box and Pan tooling

10' RAS Turbobend
10' Shear: Adira Hydraulic Sheer
*1/4" by 10'
*24 Gauge to 16 Mild Steel
*MIG, Pulse MIG, Stick, TIG
*Aluminum, Steel, Stainless, and Galvanized
Snap Lock: Flagler
*26 Gauge to 20 Gauge
*Flat slips and drive cleats
*26 Gauge to 24 Gauge
*8' Hand Brake, 52" Foot Shear, Wellsaw Band Saw, 12" Makita sliding Compound Miter Saw, 6' Box and Pan Brake, Bridgeport Mill with Digital Readout, 4' Rolls, 10' Chicago Speedy Bender press brake, Knuth KB1000 Mill with Digital Readout, 10' RAS Smartcut Shear, Knuth SINUS 240/2000 Lathe with digital Readout, 6000# Yale Lift, 5000# rough terrain lift, HyperTherm Plasma, Strippit Fabricator 30 punch press,